27 diciembre, 2013


Finally uploaded one of my most liked illustrations. I'm re-doing it right now, and also a lot of old illustrations from my sketchbook. 
2014 wanna be a good and productive year!

By the way, MERRY XMAS <3

21 diciembre, 2013

Gabriela Sales - Rica de Marré.

It's bloggers time. 

The first one I've choosen is a sweet journalist, mum and columnist on an online fashion magazine. 
Gabriela Sales is also the blogger beyond 'Rica de Marré' which I love and check everytime.

Well, you can check the illustration i did inspired on her. I tryed out with watercolours, and don't really now if I like or not the result. Anyways, i think it looks so lovely, don't you?

10 diciembre, 2013

Hipster Hair.

So long without posting.
Just found this illustration while I was doing some cleaning on my computer. Not an actually illustration, but always liked the hair, decided to post.
I have a bunch of new illustration (and so many old I never posted) so probably I wanna start posting them all this month. 

If you want to check more fashion illustrations: instagram